Hello there and thank you for stopping by!

My name is Aaron Seals, a twenty-something currently living in Orlando, FL, pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Central Florida. I’ve had a passion for art and design ever since I started designing greeting cards for my family at the age of three. Tasks I undertake are given great care and treated very meticulously. I care about the process and the quality of the final result, and always try and work to the absolute best of my ability. Both hemispheres of my brain are used fairly equally, which allows me to pull from both art and logic and see things from different perspectives. I like to analyze, and weigh the situation to reach logical conclusions. I seek to tell a story through each piece that passes through my hands. I am someone who wants to use design as a way to convey concepts, parables and ideas. There are a lot of ways to do one thing, and I want to sift through and find the best way. Let’s talk and figure out how we can make your dream, passion, or idea a reality!

When I’m not creating with my design tools, you can usually find me reading (most likely my Bible, Science Fiction, or classic literature), listening to instrumental soundtracks or vintage swing music, or expressing myself on the social dance floor. I’m very involved with the Lindy Hop and Ballroom community with my friends, and have been dancing since the end of 2009. Don’t hesitate to ask me to dance, as well as design!